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About Us

For all of our services, All-America Auto Tow and Roadside provides fair and upfront pricing. We also provide other services, such as memberships for roadside assistance, that can help you save money over time or ensure you will always have someone available when your car needs towing or roadside assistance in the middle of the night.

At All-America Auto Tow and Roadside, we offer a wide range of towing services to meet your needs. Our services include: Emergency towing, Flatbed towing, Motorcycle towing, Boat towing, RV towing, Long-distance towing, Heavy-duty towing, and Off-road recovery. Call us anytime you require any of our services.

Why Trust Us


Quality Services

We can haul your car no matter how big or heavy it is. You shouldn’t worry about costs either because we provide the most affordable towing service in the area.


Hard-Working Personnel

Thanks to our highly skilled personnel, we excel at whatever task you require help with. We’ve had a lot of training, so when we get there, your problem will be fixed quickly and efficiently!


Quick Response

The expertise of our personnel sets us different from competing companies. We’ll be able to tackle your problem as quickly and easily as we can when we arrive because we’ve had enough practice.

Our Services

All-America Auto Tow and Roadside offers the most affordable rate for a wide range of towing services, including flatbed towing, long-distance towing, local towing, motorcycle towing, and emergency towing. We also provide other roadside assistance services such as jump-starts, lockouts, and tire changes.

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Motorcycle Towing

All-America Auto Tow and Roadside is available to assist you if your lights go out and requires a light duty towing. Don’t wait too long before calling us for prompt assistance if your vehicle breaks down on a strange road.

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Truck Towing

If your heavy-duty vehicle breaks down on the road, give us a call for a quick heavy-duty tow or lift to the closest repair facility. All-America Auto Tow and Roadside is a trusted heavy-duty towing service that is available day and night to perform the tow in a secure and timely way, so having us on your side will reduce your stress.

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RV Towing

If you’re looking for a towing company who specializes in RV towing, you’re at the right place! We’re committed to yield competitive pricing and high-quality service. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever need RV repair or maintenance! We will gladly help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

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Car Towing

All-America Auto Tow and Roadside
understands the value of timing when you need your lightweight vehicle hauled. We are available day and night because of this! No matter where you are in town, we will tow your car in less than 30 minutes.

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Bus Towing

Let’s make the process of towing your bus easy and convenient. Your satisfaction is our top priority! All-America Auto Tow and Roadside has been servicing this industry for years, which means we know all about delivering a great service without delay or hassle. We look forward to hearing from you so set up an appointment today by calling (985) 313-3570 now!”

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We should be the ones you call if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road since your safety is our top priority. Our wreckers are always nearby and will get there as soon as possible to get you back on the road, whether you require roadside assistance or other assistance with issues like flat tires, fuel delivery, jump start and dead batteries.


We appreciate your feedback because we believe it will help our company succeed. In addition to becoming a more dependable company, our vision includes improving lives by ensuring that our customers arrive at the location where they requested to be towed.

"The driver arrived promptly and was able to tow my car right away. He was very professional and made sure I was safe before leaving."
Kaitlynn Potts
"I had a great experience with All-America Auto Tow and Roadside when my car wouldn't start in the middle of the night. They arrived quickly, their tow personnel were professional and friendly. I love their services, and would give 5 stars!"
Aida Maine
"I called All-America Auto Tow and Roadside for a tow and they gave me some tips on how to avoid similar breakdowns in the future. I would highly recommend this towing service."
Alisa Hester


Morgan City, LA

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